REStoration faq

Vintage Jewelry and Antique Restoration

Vintage jewelry restoration is an art in itself. That’s where our years of experience restoring fine jewelry are helpful. With 40 years experience working on various period pieces from the Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco and Contemporary periods, Ricardo Basta has re-created new tools of today, to emulate the tools of the past to mimic the look and work so any repair or restoaration is virtually undetectable. We have resources to replace nearly identical stones that are missing or we re-cut in house to match exceptionally well. Additionally, hand engraving is common in vintage pieces and we can re-engrave or touch up engraving in missing areas.

Why Choose Ricardo Basta for Your Jewelry Restoration?

Our highly experienced jewelers and specialized equipment allow us to restore vintage pieces and perform intricate design restorations that many other jewelers won’t touch. We are happy to fix your family’s precious sentimental pieces. Many satisfied clients have trusted us to repair their vintage and antique jewelry. We’d love to discuss your antique, vintage, and heirloom pieces.
What process do you have in place to ensure the gem/diamond I sent is the same one I am getting back?
We take every measure to make sure that you know your diamonds and gems well, we thoroughly examine and test them in your presence, so we are each aware of the stones condition, what it is and how it is in the mounting.
How would I go about starting a restoration of jewelry?
We carefully assess the condition of the piece, looking for cracks, metal fatigue, worn or missing prongs, general wear in ornate galleries can be quite worn down unnoticeably.
How long will my jewelry repair take?
We have an idea of a general turn-around time, but some pieces require more time than others. We advise on individual projects as not all repairs are the same and we try to be as timely as possible.
How will I know when my repair is ready?
When you leave a repair with us, we ask how you would prefer to be notified; text, email or phone call, and do so promptly.