Jewelry Restoration faq

Antique and Vintage Jewelry Restoration in Los Angeles

Ricardo Basta, a master craftsman, brings decades of experience to every piece. Our jewelry restoration processes ensure you can continue wearing your prized pieces for years. You don’t have to hide them away in a dark box to preserve them. We have the expertise, craftsmanship, and tools for all your antique and vintage jewelry restoration needs. Your family heirlooms deserve to be treated with the utmost care. We specialize in restoring your family’s most prized possessions so you can continue to enjoy their original beauty for generations to come. We can fix everything from your great-grandmother’s brooch to your uncle’s vintage cufflinks.

Vintage Jewelry and Antique Ring Restoration

Antique ring restoration and vintage jewelry restoration is no easy task. That’s where our years of experience restoring fine jewelry are helpful. Whether you need simple polishing or milgrain work, we can make your vintage and antique jewelry look new again. Is your favorite piece missing a stone? We can replace missing stones, from old European-cut diamonds to French-cut baguettes or other hard-to-find cuts. Our hand engraving services can recreate antique details and filigree on your jewelry.

Why Choose Ricardo Basta for Your Jewelry Restoration?

Our veteran jewelers and specialized equipment allow us to restore vintage pieces and perform intricate design restorations that many other jewelers won’t touch. We are happy to fix your family’s precious sentimental pieces. Many satisfied clients have trusted us to repair their vintage and antique jewelry in Los Angeles. We’d love to discuss your antique, vintage, and heirloom pieces.

Fine Luxury Jewelry In Los Angeles
Are your jewelers and technicians certified?

YYes. We have extensive experience in handling jewelry of any kind, and provide high quality service to all of our customers. When you choose Ricardo Basta, you are choosing a jeweler passionate about his craft.

Fine Luxury Jewelry In Los Angeles
What process do you have in place to ensure the gem/diamond I sent is the same one I am getting back?

We keep robust documentation to provide confidence that we send back the same diamond you sent us, including recording the identification number on the diamond, verifying the weight and more.

Fine Luxury Jewelry In Los Angeles
How would I go about starting a restoration of jewelry?

Ricardo Basta and the team are happy to discuss your jewelry restoration project with you. No matter your needs, we work hard to create the perfect result. Contact our team to learn more about our restoration services.

Fine Luxury Jewelry In Los Angeles
How long will my jewelry repair take?

Jewelry repair is a variable process, and your repair service will depend upon the extent of the damage to your pieces. We work hard to return your jewelry to you as soon as possible.

Fine Luxury Jewelry In Los Angeles
How will I know when my repair is ready?

We will let you know once your jewelry repair is ready. We focus on communication at every step of the process.

Fine Luxury Jewelry In Los Angeles
How much does it cost to get a ring sized?

We offer complimentary sizing for all rings purchased through our store. If you have your own ring that you would like sized, then please contact us to learn about your options.