Amethyst and
Rhodolite Garnet Cocktail Ring

aquamarine, green beryl, & diamond earrings

diamond and
platinum Ring

Fancy shape

Yellow Sapphire

Pink Tourmaline
and tsavorite
Bat Ring

Pink Tourmaline diamond and ebony
drop earrings

Purple Sapphire
Grape Earrings

diamond and
platinum Earrings

Diamond and
18K Ring

hand carved pink opal and pink sapphire Flamingo Brooch

Amethyst and
diamond cocktail

Green Tourmaline and Pink Tourmaline Oval Earrings

Halo Rose Cut
Diamond Earrings

Amethyst, rhodolite garnet, diamonds and 18k Ring
DIAMONDs AND 18k rose gold earrings
Aquamarine, yellow
and white
diamonds, ruby, 18K and platinum Ring
Fancy shape
Diamond and platinum
Yellow Sapphire
Pink Tourmaline, tsavorite, palladium bat and 18k rose gold Ring
Pink Tourmaline diamond and ebony
drop earrings

hand carved pink opal and pink sapphire Flamingo Brooch
Pink tourmaline cabochon drops, mint tourmaline, diamonds and platinum EARRINGS
old european style cut diamonds and
platinum Earrings

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third generation jeweler

Forge Your

As third generation jeweler, Ricardo Basta thrives within his atelier creating fine jewelry with passion, bringing romance back to jewelry. Utilizing old world techniques learned in his apprenticeship from European trained Master Jewelers, in conjunction with cutting edge technology of today, Ricardo and his team of expert jewelers carve out new perimeters in the world of luxury jewelry.

Seeking rare and uncommon materials to elevate his creative perspective separates his craft from the conventional. Ricardo envisions a design and builds it in his mind as inspiration unfolds. He may engineer articulating movement within a piece for only the owner to appreciate which gives him a great sense of pride, the Basta Touch. This intriguing detail has become sought after in many custom pieces that clients have come to expect.

Passing on his boundless passion and endless creativity for the extraordinary, Ricardo is imparting decades of experience to his family, the fourth generation, to propel the tradition forward.

Black & White Diamond Panda Bear

Who We Are


forge your masterpiece

Custom Design

Our design team warmly welcomes each client with the desire to explore the possibility of designing a personal piece of jewelry. Allow us to ease you onto your creative journey with our unique path of fine jewelry.

As we tour the Ricardo Basta showroom, inspiration ignites as you learn how we engineer our one-of-a-kind pieces. Fine or rare gems and exotic materials are not our only mediums, we welcome you to explore with us to utilize the most abstract elements possible.

Working closely with our designers, whether starting a creation from pencil drawing on a napkin or using inherited or sentimental stones to create something new to compliment your current style and tell your story.

We invite you to come and visit our jewelry salon to become inspired. It may not be today, but keep us in mind for that future special custom piece. Anything is possible.

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