Scorpio Season = Citrine for Everyone


Orange you glad it's November, Citrine-Scorpio babes? Celebrating you with this deep orange stone known for manifesting the dreams of its wearer. This light yellow, to orange, to red-brown stone is most often heat treated to reach optimal color but you can find all-natural Citrine, in shades of pale yellow. Not a Citrine fan? Its brown-ish hued step sibling, Topaz is your alternate birthstone. 

Wear these juicy stones dangling from your earlobes, delicately wrapped around your neck, or as a ring that packs a real statement. Know what you want, but don't see it, let's get custom

Shop with us Monday - Friday, 10:30AM - 5PM, and Saturday by appointment. 

See something perfect for your November bestie, bae, child, or parent? Treating yourself because you're a strong, independent Citrine babe? Give us a call, and we'll get it to you in time for your/their special day! 310-278-4792