5 Tips for Planning your Wedding in 2018

Parker York Smith and Jaclyn Smith just got married this summer! With so many options to chose from, Parker and Jaclyn sat down with us to tell us their top 5 tips for planning a wedding in 2018.


Tip 1: Create a list of priorities: Whether it’s your venue or how many guests you want to have there, pick your priorities and compromise on the rest.

Tip 2: Get organized: Have a list of your contact information, your budget, your vendors, everything you need. Organizing everything from the beginning will make your life so much easier.

Tip 3: Create inspiration boards: Use Pinterest and Instagram to find things that you really like that you want for your wedding. Keep track of them throughout the planning process. Guys, we’re talking to you too!

Tip 4: Think outside the box: If there are traditional things that you don’t want to have included in your wedding, then don’t. For example, our dogs are going to be in the wedding and my brother is officiating. That’s what we wanted so we’re doing it!

Tip 5: Go digital: There are so many resources you can use online to help with the wedding planning process. You can save trees and not worry about stuffing envelopes by sending invites online and we managed all of our wedding invitations through text messaging and our wedding website!

That’s it! The planning process goes by so quickly, so enjoy it! And guys, be sure that you get involved. Your future wife will be so thankful that you had an interest and that you gave your opinion.

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Do you have any wedding tips? Leave them in the comments.