Peridot Party: Happy Birthday August Babes

Happy Birthday August Peridot babes!! Celebrating you with this bright, earthy green gem. Formerly used in religious ceremonies and most popular during the Baroque period this translucent green stone is loved for it's airy presence and unexpected pop of color. While our Peridot pieces are made with only the best Peridot, sans tricks, you can also find less expensive Peridot, wrapped in green foil, to enhance an otherwise pale, lower quality, stone. Often confused with Emerald, historians believe the majority of Cleopatra's Emerald collection was actually Peridot. 

Wear this olive-toned stone for everyday in our delicate ring options. From little marquise ring candy to statement rings with a Peridot punch, there's a piece for every price range. Know what you want, but don't see it, let's get custom

Shop with us Monday - Friday, 10:30AM - 5PM, and Saturday by appointment. 

See something perfect for your August bestie, bae, child, or parent? Treating yourself because you're a strong, independent Peridot babe? Give us a call, and we'll get it to you in time for your/their special day! 310-278-4792