Behind Ricardo Basta's Royal Blue Saphire Quilt Ring

It all started with a 12 ct blue Sapphire and a concept to create maximum versatility for a piece of jewelry worn more than any other accessory, the engagement ring. In combining the best of Sapphire, Diamonds and Platinum within a quilt of Turquoise and Tsavorite Garnet, Ricardo Basta and his team of craftsmen were able to do just that.

With this concept, an engagement ring once known for being classically consistent, can change its reputation at the drop of a hat, and of course, a change of a custom quilt.

Take a peak below for a behind the scenes look at the making of this AGTA Spectrum Summer 16 Platinum Honors and 1st Place Bridal Wear winning two in one ring.  See our other AGTA Spectrum Summer 16 winning pieces.

Looking for a way to shake up your engagement ring? Contact us today to discuss creating your first custom engagement ring quilt.