When You Just Know: A Proposal Story

"We designed the ring with a stone that had been purchased online. Karen was remarkably helpful, filling in all of the gaps which my fiancée (a designer jewelry industry employee) hadn't dealt with before. It was ready in only three weeks and absolutely took my breath away when I opened the box.

I brought it home, fully intending on keeping it for a week or two to myself as I devised a thoughtful and elaborate proposal. As soon as I walked through the door of my condo I couldn't help but feel the burning desire to pop the question then and there. I called her father who (thankfully) gave me his blessing. I told myself I had to leave it up to fate, so I grabbed a quarter, called heads and flipped.

Heads it was, so I got Jaclyn's attention and proceeded to tell her that I'd always considered myself the guy who would be single forever. I never could've imagined understanding that statement I'd heard so many grandmas and grandpas utter, 'when you find the one, you just know'. Now I wouldn't be able to describe it to anyone else any better than they did, but I certainly 'just knew'.

I popped the question in the middle of our family room, no flowers, no candy, no photographer. Just us and our two dogs and it was perfect. She said yes and proceeded to lose her breath the same way that I'd lost mine. All thanks to you guys! I can't say how appreciative we are and I can promise I'll be referring all of my friends once they realize 'they just know'."

- Parker + Jaclyn